Cigarettes 'n Gasoline

by Colin Ward

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A new solo album from Colin Ward. Features a gritty story about a pawn shop. Acoustic & electric guitars, fiddle, piano and harmony vocals bring Colin's experiences to life. Rock, country & blues blended into a musical cocktail. Story songs that stick in your head.


released December 1, 2011

All instruments and vocals by Colin Ward, except drums by Mike Kosacek, backup vocals by Joice Marie, Stephanie Bauchum, and Jennifer.



all rights reserved


Colin Ward St. Petersburg

Colin's song Wish I'd Never was used as background music for a FOX TV show called The Good Guys. He has also placed songs in independent films and in radio advertisements. Colin has been a guitar player since he was 12 years old when his grandfather loaned him an ancient acoustic guitar. He has appeared on albums by the Blue Island Beer Club and the Trop Rock Junkies.

Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz
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Track Name: The Florida Keys
The Florida Keys Copyright ©2011 Colin Ward

I hear that it’s snowing in the southlands
All the way down to Dallas,
Three feet on the ground in Chicago,
I hope I don’t sound callous,

Chorus 1
‘Cause baby it’s pushing eighty degrees,
The sun is shining, there’s a gentle breeze,
The waves are lapping and flags are flapping,
Winter in the Florida Keys

Cars can’t pass down Lakeshore Drive,
Buried up their antenna,
Shovel snow or head to Key West,
What a tough dilemma

Chorus 2
Baby it’s over eighty degrees,
Our skin is tanning in the gentle breeze,
A sailboat docking, I hear flip flops flopping,
Winter in the Florida Keys

I don’t know why they stay in Chicago,
Perhaps Key West’s too small,
So plan a visit, don’t stay too long,
Shoveling snow is just wrong,

We’ll make you welcome when you hit town,
Show you how to unwind,
We’ll laugh at your weather, and gloat about ours,
Do our best to be to be kind

Chorus 2
Track Name: Cigarettes and Gasoline
Cigarettes and Gasoline

Walked into a pawn shop,
Tempted by the sign,
Cash for gold or your tambourine,
TVs and tools,
Outboards and jewels,
Smell the sweat, cigarettes and gasoline

Finally reached the man,
Clutching my guitar,
Sir, how much would my baby bring?
He offered forty dollars,
I said who do you think you are?
Still smell cigarettes and gasoline

So I went outside and played the blues,
For the people rolling by,
Watching for the cop who'd move me on,
He might say I'm homeless,
But I've still got my guitar,
Making tips every time I sing my songs

Not sure how I got here,
Just hit a slippery slope,
Hard to climb back up,
This guitar is my rope

I sit outside and play the blues,
For the people rolling by,
Watching for the cop who'd move me on,
He might say I'm homeless,
But I've still got my guitar,
Making tips every time I sing my songs

So now I'm on the corner,
Banging out a tune,
The case is open, have you got some beans,
Make that guitar work for me,
While I'm in the mood,
No more cigarettes and gasoline
No more cigarettes and gasoline
Track Name: Back to Texas
Back to Texas Copyright ©2011 Colin Ward

Haven’t been to Texas in a long while,
Memories of good times keep on haunting me,
Fact is I should probably have stayed there,
But when I thought I wasn’t wanted,
Became a Texas refugee

Miles and miles of nowhere to the next town on the map,
I’ll find the rundown ranch house where you hang your cowgirl hat,
A hundred in the shade, a shimmer in the distance,
I could go back to Texas if you did not resist it

Thinking back, I gave up much too easy,
I walked away but kept you on my mind,
My pickup’s pointed east in Arizona
I don’t know if I’m wanted,
But I’m no refugee

Chorus 2
Miles and miles of nowhere to the next town on the map,
I know the rundown ranch house where you hang your cowgirl hat,
A hundred in the shade, a shimmer in the distance,
I’m going back to Texas, I hope you don’t resist it

So I’ll be at your door by Tuesday morning,
Wondering if you’ll invite me in,
Might be a mistake, a Texas sized ache ,
They say you can’t go home again

Chorus 2
Track Name: Warmed My Soul
Warmed My Soul Copyright ©2011 Colin Ward

Taking a walk today, feel the sunshine on my skin,
Shorts and tee shirt keep me warm,
Soon after sunrise, folks start their day,
Heading where they spend their Sunday morning

Pre chorus 1
Workman rides his bike on the sidewalk heading west,
Pelican swooping about,
Fisherman throws his catch gleaming in a bucket,
Looks like a spotted trout

But the sights and sounds,
Were finer just a month ago,
You were walking with me,
And your heart warmed my soul

Ted smokes his ribs, the aroma is divine,
Lunch crowd will soon be dropping in,
A man is dumpster diving finding treasures left and right,
Buildings painted shades of pink

Pre Chorus 2
Top down Jag, trapped at a light,
Scene chick texting while she paints her face,
A flashing sign says come inside,
Surgery while you wait


Instrumental V

You slid away in the dead of night,
Left a hole where love had been,
I keep on walking to fill my empty mind,
Guided by our old routine

Chorus x 2
Track Name: Chasing Seagulls
Chasing Seagulls

Chasing seagulls,
Dolphins jumping,
I've got sand, between my toes,
Small bikinis,
Sun is shining,
What I'm thinking, no-one knows

Chasing seagulls,
Girls are laughing,
Palm trees leaning in the breeze,
Sailing green hulls,
Waves are crashing,
But it's not enough for me

'Cause I'm not happy here in Paradise,
When you're a thousand miles away,
Take a chance and come on down,
Let's go chasing seagulls today

Chasing seagulls,
Skimming stones,
People near me catching rays,
Jethro Tull songs,
Discarded rib bones,
My mind keeps drifting, up your way


It's hard to leave your comfort zone,
Hard to leave it all behind,
Life can be good in Paradise,
Stick your toe in the Gulf and you'll be fine

Instrumental verse

I'm not happy here in Paradise,
When you're a thousand miles away,
Take a chance and come on down,
Let's go chasing seagulls today
Track Name: Hey There, Dad
Hey There, Dad

Hey there Dad,
Been thinking 'bout you lately,
Are you looking down at me,
Wherever you are,
Your son is doing OK,
I hope you're happy with what you see

You raced your motorcycle,
In a muddy country field,
'Til I came along and changed your plans,
Sold your bike,
To spend your time with me,
I wonder if I thanked you for all that


You worked hard in the factory,
While I went to school,
Chased the girls and played my guitar,
You and Mom took care of me,
'Til I moved out on my own,
Can you hear me saying thanks from where you are?


I hope I haven't let you down
Your memory guides the things I do,
Now it’s my turn to leave a legacy,
Maybe they'll remember me too

Track Name: You'll Regret It
You’ll Regret It Copyright ©2011 Colin Ward

Everybody’s stopping at the railroad track,
Not sure the train’s ever coming back,
You took off sailing on another tack,
I wish you would forget it

Oooh – why don’t you come back home,
Change your mind, call my phone,
Oooh - Give up your crazy scheme,
Twist and turn and change midstream,
Before you regret it

Looking for some grass that’s much more green,
Giving up on the place where your heart has been,
Decided you wanted a change of scene,
I’m sure you’ll regret it


Instrumental verse

You headed west without a dime,
Sure wasn’t what was on my mind,
I wish you luck, hope you find someone,
Cause One day I may be gone,
And you’ll regret it

The words spilled out all over the ground,
And the bad news spread when you turned around,
You’ll wake up in the lost and found
Was balanced, but you’ve upset it

Track Name: Just Dreaming
Just Dreaming Copyright ©2011 Colin Ward

Dreaming that I won your heart
And we’re living in a house for two,
With a cat and a dog named Bart,
There’s an ocean view,
And the sun’s coming up,
There’s a mango tree in the yard
But I’m just dreaming….

Just dreaming

Dreaming that I won your heart,
It’ll happen if I dare,
To play my cards,
You’ll be standing there,
In front of the mirror,
You’re brushing your hair
But I’m just dreaming….
Just dreaming
But dreams are the inspiration,
To overcome the fear,
And enjoy the sensation,
Of a happy life
More than dreams

Just dreaming
Track Name: The Water Runs Over the Dam
Water Runs Over the Dam Copyright ©2011 Colin Ward

Sometimes I look in a mirror and wonder,
Who do I see standing there,
Grey hairs and lines that have paid all their dues,
There’s a book long adventure if anyone cares

From a suburb near London not far from the Stones,
And a house where music was heard,
To the cold Midwest with warm girls and guitars,
And a traveling life to cities that blurred

The past is what makes us who we are today,
And the future should come with a plan,
But living the moment is all that we have,
And the water runs over the dam, the dam,
The water runs over the dam

Oooh, Oooh, Oooh x 2

Went to the mountains and moved to the south,
Found sunshine and gave up the snow,
Sailed in the breeze, played guitar once again,
Sometimes I wonder how much I know

An ordinary life with a job and a wife,
No drama, a few ups and downs,
While others I know didn’t go with the flow,
A black cloud keeps hanging around
A black cloud keeps hanging around

Track Name: Say Goodbye Again
Say Goodbye Again Copyright © 2010 Colin Ward

Last night I saw you,
Must have been a couple of years,
Sitting alone in our favorite old cafe,
Don't know where my mind was,
You took me by surprise,
Couldn't think of the right words to say

So how are you doing?
What's new with you?
What brings you here?
Did you just come for the food?
Or do you miss me?
Did the memories flood back in?
Should we spend some time together?
Or should we just say goodbye again?

The last time I saw you
I was watching you leave,
Chasing dreams that did not include me,
Now you're back in town again,
Did the dreams fade away?
Do you want me back or will you let me be?


Instrumental over last half of verse

Please answer the questions,
That I forgot to ask,
When you suddenly arrived out of the blue,
The old flame started flickering,
The tension built inside,
Guess I thought I was over you

Track Name: Standing Tall
Standing Tall Copyright ©2011 Colin Ward

Colored smudges on your fingers
Diamond piercing on your nose
Orange hair is standing tall
Silver rings on your toes

Proclaim you are an artist
Painting pictures all day long
One day you’ll be famous
Remembered in a song

Paint me a picture, Virginia
That I can hang upon my wall
When your name is up in lights
Celebrate by standing tall

You work ‘til 4 in the morning
Sleep ‘til early afternoon
Pot of coffee winds you up
Come back down with greens and blues


Guitar solo - Verse

Exhibition pays the way
Show that masterpiece ‘til sold
Hoping someone loves your toil
And your heart is filled with gold

Repeat Last Line x 2
Track Name: Hand Upon Your Shoulder
Hand Upon Your Shoulder Copyright ©2011 Colin Ward

Sometimes things don’t work out the way they ought to,
Sometimes you are dealt a losing hand,
Sometimes you get in a pile of trouble,
And you don’t know what went wrong with all your plans

No light at the end of the tunnel,
Seems like there’s no sun behind those clouds,
Sometimes the water keeps on rising,
And you just want to get lost in the crowd

But problems always have some kind of answer,
Don’t have to sit and let them smolder,
Make a hard decision, so you can move ahead,
And let a friend put a hand upon your shoulder

The answer may be hard for you to handle,
No-one says that life will be a breeze,
So clear your head and move towards the future,
And see if you can’t find some inner peace


And some time after you’ve decided,
The weight is lifted, where did it go?
You’re feeling like a bird, flying high and free,
You made a choice, sometimes you just say no